To produce high-quality, 100% handmade, fluffy cushions and rugs from sheep wool sourced from local farmers with good animal husbandry practices. We support local farmers by buying at fair prices, and a part of online sales is donated to a local forest education project for children.


Creating unique and high-quality products for you is our passion, as is supporting our community by using local and national materials and donating to community projects. Located in the deep Portuguese countryside, we are deeply connected to nature and choose natural and certified organic materials to manufacture our products. And last but not least – we love wool – it’s so fluffy and soft and beautiful!


“A few years ago, my neighbour, Senhor Manuel, invited me to watch the yearly shearing of the sheep. As I watched, he told me that the price the wool didn't even cover the cost of the shearing. This got me thinking

I did some research, bought Sr. Manuel's wool at a fair price and began experimenting. My first attempts at felting were full of holes, but with time, persistence and the support of awesome teachers I finally developed the first products.

And now I’m here – offering my handmade cushions and rugs to bring some fluff into people's lives! It makes me so happy!”

Almut Pohl, founder

How we work

All our products are produced by either felting or weaving. We use raw unprocessed wool, straight from sheep living outdoors all year round and cleaned using a traditional fermentation process. In some products we also use washed and carded wool.

The felting and weaving is done by hand. A so-called peg loom is used for weaving the raw wool. For the felted items we use both wet and needle felting processes.

We utilise the most local resources possible and choose certified organic materials wherever possible in order to produce the most natural and "clean" products.