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Wool filling for cushions, pillows, comforters

Wool filling for cushions, pillows, comforters

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If you are looking for a natural, non-synthetic and cruelty-free alternative to down or synthetic filling for your cushions, pillows or comforters, this is for you!

These small, soft wool spheres provide a uniform interior without any lumps or bumps. The fact that wool is antiallergenic is an added bonus!

This material is very soft and light. In order for you to know how much filling to order, here is how much filling we use for some of our cushions and pillows:

  • Pillow 65cm x 40cm (medium thickness): 450g
  • Pillow 65cm x 40cm (thick): 650g (thick)
  • Cushion 35cm x 35cm: 150g
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  • Woman-led business

    Almut Pohl, civil engineer turned farmer, started Lanamor in 2022. Her main goals are to support the local economy and local farmers, and, of course, to make beautiful fluffy cushions and rugs!

  • Animal-friendly production

    No animals are harmed in the production of our fluffy cushions and rugs. The sheep are sheared once a year, giving wool, a truly sustainable material.

  • Supporting local farmers

    Most Portuguese farmers are currently unable to sell their wool. Many throw it away or burn it. We buy wool from local farmers at fair prices to turn them into our fluffy products.